I am Archangel Azriel and I come through our channel atthis time to help those who have found themselves in the illusion of death.Many who incarnated on planet earth made the decision on incarnation that theywould not live out the life experience for the full “assumed” years of a humanBEing. Dear ones there is much pain around the leaving of a soul and yet thepain is unwarranted, the pain is to be moved through, it is not to be kept likea reminder or a trophy of the soul who leaves. Many are deeply engrossed in thepain and the trauma and even now find it hard to speak even the name of theloved one who has left. Illusion teaches deeply and consistently around humandeath and we are here to help you move through it. 




Many have experienced the death of loved ones and thenmoved further into the grief of major “tragedies”, we note the outpouring ofgrief across the planet for souls who have no interaction with other souls,such is the depth of pain carried within the heart. The new energies dear onesare here to dissolve that which no longer serves and the illusion of death anddying is one such energy that is no longer supported. We fully acknowledge howdifficult our words may be to hear yet in those words is the release and thecalmness that your soul cries out for, for at no point did you enter into acontract as a human BEing to live in extreme agony and pain for the duration ofthe human life experience. This is illusion dear ones and we are here to helpyou lift the veils of illusion so that you may begin to breathe and to FEELagain .For in FEELing you reconnect to that which you were taught had beenlost. 




The physical loss is one of shock and disbelief, there isnot a human BEing alive dear ones who can fully appreciate the mortality ofbeing in human form. It is illusion that is taught across the planet where inmany societies death is forbidden to be spoken of. Much illusion swirls aroundthe death and dying of a human BEing. Many are shocked to the core of theirBEing and are not allowed to process the event and the passing in a way thatwill see them move out of the grief and back into the reconnection to the humanlife experience. Illusion has taught that all humans should live to a certainage and has failed to acknowledge that this cannot be known by anyone how longa human is to live for that is part of the souls contract and only the soul hasaccess to this information. To perpetuate the illusion it is taught thatchildren should always outlive their parents and this illusion teaching bringsextra heartache where there is already much pain. Do you see dear ones how theanchoring of this teaching will pour more salt on an already open wound? 




Each soul incarnates on the planet earth to experience thehuman life experience. Each soul enters into contracts with other souls as tothe lessons to experience and the joys and losses that are to be experienced.This is to help the soul grow and expand. Everyone connected in that human lifeexperience has agreed to all that unfolds. This is done out of love, forillusion teaches deeply around love and draws many humans away from the TRUTHabout LOVE. Love is not about losing, love is about embracing for true LOVEknows no bounds, it does not hurt to love dear ones, for to love freely is toembrace TRUTH. Where you feel that love hurts then illusion teaches. The personwho states that they love you whilst trying to contain you does not love you,they teach you, they show you lessons but they do not love in the true sense.They are separate and are being taught as you are being taught. Do our wordsmake sense to you dear ones? For to love someone is to stand in your power and allowthat person to stand in theirs. Yet we see many who are paralysed by love, lovethat threatens to break them, this is not love dear ones, it is the illusionteaching. 




For many who are trapped in marriages with people they nolonger relate to the lesson is freedom, where they feel trapped they create thetrap, illusion feeds this trap and they close their hearts. What is beingtaught is that freedom is from within. Whilst you allow another to define andto contain you then you both walk in illusion. It takes one person to break thetrap dear ones, for both to learn the lesson. Do you understand our words? 




When we see the grief that a parent stores over the “loss”of a child we see illusion teach that love hurts. Yet love heals dear ones andto allow the LOVE that IS to heal your heart sees the connection to the lovedone that has gone from the physical strengthen and be open to you. For thosewho move to the spiritual plane are free from the physical limitations that youare bound by. They see fully the contract, the playing out of the contract andthey stand ready to help support and to heal. Illusion seals your ears and youreyes, you walk blind and deaf through grief that teaches you that all is lost,yet your loved one stands at your side, holding your hand and trying to reachyour heart. For they are no longer bound by illusion and try to help you seethe illusion. Do you understand our words dear ones? Do you see how illusionkeeps you from the very energy that seeks to help free you? 




Know that many souls have completed this lifetime and manymore will leave over the coming days and weeks. The contracts completed and thelessons learned. Theirs is a leaving that is by choice, many will come straightback into this dimension and be born once more to experience the new. Otherswill wait and watch as all unfolds. Know that you have access to ALL at ALLtimes. What stops you hearing is grief, what stops you feeling is grief andwhat stops you seeing is grief. Grief is the transition from one state of BEingto another and is a process that has various steps. Missing steps out is howillusion teaches. For it teaches that all should stand solid and not cry, thatall should somehow carry on yet not mourn for the loss of the physical. Evendeeper teachings show how to keep the pain so raw that the grief is not movedthrough at all, all is raked over and the heart locked tight from the pain ofthe trauma. Do you see how illusion steals the LOVE from your life? Do you seehow illusion keeps you from that which is next to you? 




We guide for all to allow the old to dissolve. The relativeyour mourn is not in the clothes that you have kept, nor the photographs thatyou pull to your heart as you feel it break. For they stand next to you, theypour love through you, around you and hold the space for you. But illusion mayblind you, many mothers cry out for their children only for their children toanswer them. So wrapped in the illusion of loss and grief they do not hear thewhispers of love that are spoken softly in their ears. They do not feel thetender caress of their cheek from the loved one that stands next to them. ForALL are ONE. 




As the new unfolds then new ways of BEing will emerge. Forthose who ready to embrace TRUTH we guide that you to allow all to dissolve.That which was never TRUTH will leave to be replaced with TRUTH that was alwaysthere and always in your heart. For the heart knows TRUTH and it is the heartthat illusion teaches is broken, that will never mend. Many never ventureanywhere near the heart so deep is illusions teachings. Those who have courageto venture into the heart find that the pain is but illusion, that through thetears there is a strength so great that they are moved to tears. For strengthis how you move forward, never is anything experienced without the tools tomove through it also given. Your heart contains LOVE and that is the answer toeverything in this human life experience. 




Those who move into the spiritual and leave the physicalbehind merely move across the rainbow bridge dear ones, a bridge that you areable to access at any time. You may only walk part way across the bridge inhuman form but the soul who has moved over is able to meet you half way. Knowthat this is available to ALL at ALL times. The way to find the rainbow bridgeis to move into the heart for the heart is the map to all of the human lifeexperience. 




As you begin to thaw out the emotions that illusion taughtyou to store you begin to reawaken that LOVE for it never dies, it is like aflame that burns for eternity. That flame is what keeps you alive for ALL AREONE, ALL are connected in TRUTH. 




I am Archangel Azriel and I come to help you release thatwhich no longer serves, that is not the memories of your loved ones dear ones,it is the illusion that teaches they are lost. NONE are lost for ALL ARE ONE.Reach into your heart and allow it to FEEL once more, for the loved one willstand next to you for eternity until you meet once more in spirit. Know this.




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